Making cables becoming aesthetic art Bahasa Indonesia
Cable and lamp becoming an art, when made with unique design. If you have a problem to place cable in nicest way on wall, instead of placing cables which ‘bothering’ at the bottom corner of your wall, why not showing it all?

This idea we can see from the work of Sigurd Lewerentz that can become an example of putting down functional accessory of a room that does not have to ruin the view. Sometimes we find, for example in offices, because lots of cables must be put on floor, it has to be closed with, for example aluminum profiles. If you dare to do this experiment, then cables curve and fold can be an aesthetic element. Well?

Photo above by Andy Melton Photo below by seier+seier (some rights reserved)

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.


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